Farm Frenzy – Viking Heroes

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In Farm frenzy: Viking heroes the creators have decided to get on with the classical formula of time management games but with a new twist. In this game you will experience the opportunity to create a whole new world for the Viking in you.

During the game you will raise cattle, sheep, yaks and even magical creatures. You will farm produce that you will cultivate, plant, and harvest to sell at the local market so you can buy upgrades for your farm and buildings. There are predators who drop helmets and other armor and you can outfit them onto your animals if you have the right building. Once your animals have been supplied with battle gear, they cannot be killed, they produce double the output, and they quadruple in sales value. When a mysterious artifact falls from the sky, only you have the power of sending it back to where it came, using a giant catapult. Earn gold and purchase the necessary items to build the catapult.


In this game, you must complete the goals for a level within a specific time limit. You can earn Silver and Gold awards by completing levels within shorter time limits. This gameplay is anything but boring. You will surely appreciate the unique animals and will be pleased by dynamics of the game.


Tip: Sometimes you will have to replay some other levels in order to earn some more gold and stars. As soon as you’ve earned enough, head back to the shop, purchase the needed upgrade and open the level that you need.


This game has adventure, action, and fantasy all in one. If you love farming games, then Farm frenzy: Viking heroes is a great game for you.

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