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Farm to Fork

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Don’t let the monopolist destroy your family business!

Make the valley prosperous again and Help the farmers save their farms.

Farm to fork is a time management farming and food-making themed game. The game has fantastic graphics, pleasant beautiful colors, nice characters, good animations and nice visual effects.


In the beginning things are simple, you grow wheat, vegetables and pigs in the farm zone and make dough from flour and salad from vegetables. After several levels you will need to combine different products in different machines to produce more complex recipes. As always, you can buy new machines and upgraded versions of them in the market, which is essential in order to continue to the next level. There is a truck which will deliver your products to the town in exchange for money, you can upgrade it too in order to deliver more products at a time. As an added challenge, a flying parrot will destroy your crops and break your machines unless you cage it and then you will get money for it and feathers you can sell. Each level you get a number of goals, which consist of producing a set number of specific products or earn each the money target. There are two game modes: expert mode is more for the hard-core gamers and relaxed mode for slower-pace gamers.


In conclusion, Farm to Fork is the perfect Time Management game to try. With its well-done graphics, captivating gameplay, visual effects and valuable sound, Farm to Fork will refresh your experience with farming games.

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