Fishdom – Depths of Time

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If you are already a fan of the Match-3 type of game, then you’ll love the fourth chapter of Fishdom. Enjoy traveling through time under the sea and fill your fish tanks with decorations and backgrounds from different epochs.


Play over 250 Match 3 levels, earn some funds and buy new decorations, new backgrounds and new fish species for your tanks to create an aquarium masterpiece.Fishdom has basic mechanics like many other match three games in the genre. Your job is to create matches of three or more in a row by clicking on adjacent pieces to swap them around, and make matches over the golden tiles to collect them. Clearing levels, buying fish and decorations, increases gold coin accumulation. You can also earn gold coins by selling items in Inventory or in the Aquarium. Each game is timed, the faster a level is cleared, the more points are awarded. Collect Golden Tiles, Boxes, Crystal Diamonds, or Nuggets to clear levels and earn gold coins. Use your power ups wisely to unlock tiles.


Some of our players mentioned that they were able to complete level 158 using this tip: Make 2 matches of 5 tiles near one another, then swap the two “glowing” tiles to achieve the “double bomb” goal.

Fishdom’s game play is adjustable to make it simple enough for the newcomer or challenging enough for the hardcore Match-3 lover. The relaxing game and great graphics make it a pleasure to play and get lost for hours.


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