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Join the Bengal tiger in this action puzzle adventure!

An amazing Arcade game made for the adventure loving fan, you’ll find excitement and action mixed together with an entertaining and challenging puzzle style game. Full of challenge and adventure, you need to keep your wits about you as you work to keep track of your snake before it’s too late. Full of beautiful colors and cool power-ups, when you play Bengal you’ll have a ball!


In this Arcade game you must throw balls at a long snake made up of multicolored balls in order to eliminate all the balls before the snake reaches the end of his journey, directly into the monkey’s mouth. Shoot your colored balls one at a time, trying to match them so that they touch balls in the snake of the same color. If you get three or more touching balls of the same color, they disappear. But watch out, your snake can change course at any time, sending your throws off course, so you need to keep track of him.


In Bengal, you need to strategically choose the balls that will do the most damage to your snake and eliminate the most balls at once. Swap colors in order to make the best possible moves so you can get rid of your snake before it’s too late. With a whole slew of great power-ups to help you on your way, like slowing down the track speed, reversing it temporarily, or turning all nearby balls into the same color as the ball you are holding in order to destroy larger portions at once, Bengal will give you a roaring good  time!

Tips & Tricks

  • Right click your mouse in order to exchange the ball color in your hand with the one on your back.
  • Earn extra bonus points by using your balls to destroy the golden statues that pop up randomly!
  • When power up icons appear, match three or more balls the same color as the icon to make use of it.
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    • gaile stockard January 10, 2014 at 3:27 pm
    • love the games and a variety of games.

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