Escape from Thunder Island

Escape from Thunder Island

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Help Rita James on a quest to rescue her father who went missing in Zenadoo

Your quest begins on Thunder Island, where Rita’s father has mysteriously gone missing while researching the lost city of Zenadoo. It’s up to you and the help of your crew to track him down before the local volcano erupts and consumes the entire island in deadly lava! Find out what happened to Rita’s dad while you try and find a way off Thunder Island before it’s too late.

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Escape from Thunder Island is essentially a hidden object game, but with a double-challenge twist. When you’re not finding hidden objects to help you on your quest, you’ll need to solve interesting puzzles in order to advance and reach a new section of the island.  Explore jungles, caves and even the famous volcano as you dive deeper into the ruins of the lost city of Zenadoo. At each level awaits a menacing enemy that you must concur and defeat before advancing.

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The voice acting in this hidden object game is incredibly realistic and well done as conversations between Rita, her one-eyed monkey Marbles and other characters add a lot of humor and excitement to the game. Escape from Thunder Island really packs a punch with every level ending in an exciting cliffhanger and classic fade-out screen.

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The number of hidden objects in Escape from Thunder Island seems almost endless and the puzzles are significantly tougher than your usual hidden object/ puzzle games, making it a definite must-play for any hidden object game fanatic. Solve environmental and traditional puzzles as you follow Rita and her sidekicks on an awesome adventure. Jigsaw mini games keep things fresh and fun while you prepare for the next island location.

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It’s rare that we come across puzzles in hidden object games that really satisfy and challenge our skills and there’s nothing better than a charming story line and some delightful characters to go along with it. This one is guaranteed to make you chuckle!

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Rita’s story is an old-fashioned adventure paired with great humor and a fun-loving lightness, perfect to warm any gamers fancy. You can’t go wrong with some intriguing hidden objects and a one-eyed monkey named Marbles!



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