Family Barn

Family Barn

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Care for your animals, harvest your crops and watch your farm growing fast!

In the market for a fun, exciting and fulfilling farming experience to bring you back to nature? Doh-see-doh your way to fun in Family Barn by raising your own cows and growing your own crops. This is a wonderful simulation game where even the most ardent city slickers will want to exchange their suits for overalls and roll up their sleeves. This is one egg-cellent game, so don’t miss it!

Family Barn

This social simulation game allows you to share the dairy life with your friends as you plant, grow, harvest and tend to your produce, raise and feed your cows and collect the eggs from your chickens to create a real working dairy farm! Family Barn will draw you in with its many activities and true-to-life situations.


Family Barn is a unique and wholesome social simulation game where you earn points by bringing your eggs, milk, produce and homemade bread to the nearby farmer’s market to sell and earn money for improvements to your farm. Buy new tractors, more animal feed, and other essentials to help you run your farm efficiently. If you dream of the country life and baling hay  then this is surely the game to play!

Tips & Tricks

  • Use your weekly progress reports to improve your game for the coming week and earn more points
  • Make a lot of friends and visit neighboring farmers to earn points and level up
  • Take advantage of the tutorials and  personal game mentor
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