Fishdom – Spooky Splash

Fishdom – Spooky Splash

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Earn cash to buy fish and accessories, to create your spooktacular Fishdom!

If you’re searching for a kid-friendly Halloween game that still provides a grown-up good time filled with Match 3 fun, then Fishdom – Spooky Splash is the title for you! It has all the fun, colorful excitement and challenging puzzles of the first Fishdom game, but with added obstacles and new adventures to overcome. Just don’t get spooked by the ghosts and goblins!


In this Match 3 game you’ll swap tiles to earn cash for decorating Halloween-themed fish tanks. Create a creepy atmosphere of an oceanic haunted house with ghosts, witches and vampires. Win trophies for your aquarium design talents! Making large combinations earns you more cash and extra power-up tiles. The faster you match, the better you score and the more cash you’ll earn.

Fishdom Spooky Splash

Fishdom – Spooky Splash is full of challenging obstacles like chained tiles that won’t clear until you match them and double chained tiles, which require you to match them twice before they leave the board. There are a bunch of great new power-up explosives to help you though like depth bombs and dynamite that destroys massive amounts of tiles in one move! So give your Halloween a freaky new underwater theme in Fishdom – Spooky Splash!

Tips & Tricks

  • If you get stuck, the game will automatically guide you to a match that you may have overlooked.
  • Match 5 or more tiles to get power ups that will explode more tiles in a much wider radius!
  • Avoid using up hints and find objects as fast as you can to earn bonus cash.
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