Jewel Legend - Atlantis

Jewel Legend – Atlantis

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Rebuild the magical city of Atlantis and save its people!

It’s mystery, challenge and adventure combined with an artistic flair. Jewel Legend – Atlantis is the Match 3 quest you’ve been searching for. With loads of different and beautiful aquatic scenes and an answer to the age old mystery of what happened to the mystical and magical Atlantis. Solve puzzles and mini challenges as you rebuild your city. Jewel Legend – Atlantis will offer you a swimmingly good time!


In this Match 3 game you’ll swap tiles to earn bricks that will enable you to fulfill Poseidon’s request to rebuild the ancient and mystical lost city of Atlantis that was destroyed long ago by the ancient gods. For ages countless adventurers have been searching for the secret to Atlantis. Does it exist, and who created it in the first place? In this magical adventure, you will answer those questions and solve the mystery to the age old question.


In Jewel Legend – Atlantis, you have been chosen above all others to rebuild the lost city.  Work your way through mini game challenges as you strategically swap tiles to create links of three of more. Get a hold of exciting power-ups that will allow you to bust through walls of tiles, earning you more bricks with which to rebuild this magical city. Use your bricks to create wonderful structures like Crystal Forge, Mushroom Farm and the Tavern and overcome various obstacles thrown in your path. Be the first one to find the hidden kingdom in Jewel Legend – Atlantis!

Tips & Tricks

  • Go into Zen mode if you want to relax your play a bit.
  • Make bigger chains of tiles to earn money for tools for creating and rebuilding your city!
  • Use the special tools you buy strategically and you can earn power ups that help you match bigger chains faster.
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