League of Mermaids

League of Mermaids

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Help League members save their mermaid homeland from destruction!

The rare treasures of the Mermaids Cora, Mishell, Koh, and Marina go missing and it’s your job to help bring them back to their rightful owners.  Not only do you want to make the Mermaids happy, the treasures keep the supernatural Kraken from rousing and destroying the Mermaid Cities. Solve Match-Three Puzzles, one after another, to get closer and closer to the location of the stolen Mermaids’ riches.


League of Mermaids is the sequel to Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep from 2012. Like its predecessor, League of Mermaids takes Match-Three Puzzles to a whole new level by throwing other physical challenges into the mix. As you match three or more pearls to make them vanish, you have to deal with other obstacles, like making the pearls accidentally roll or bounce into the wrong place. Gravity is not always on your side in this game. Be prepared to be challenged by floors covered with pegs, turning wheels and curved surfaces.


To progress in the game you must collect Stars, which are granted when you fill your Treasure Bar. The Treasure Bar fills up as you match pearls with treasure icons inside them. You can also earn a Star by completing a level with a pre-determined number of pearls before the time runs out. You have the chance to earn extra Stars daily if you play in Zen mode, which is a very helpful option.

  • Use “Colorblind Mode” if you find that the pearls are too hard to see.
  • Use power ups like the Artifact Meter, Stone Pearls and Crystal Hearts to clear out pearls.
  • Experience over 60 levels in 3 chapters across a variety of realms



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