Mahjong Mysteries of the Past

Mahjong – Mysteries of the Past

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Travel back in time and search for pieces of a missing artifact in Mahjong

There isn’t a more relaxing game to play after a long day at work or with the kids than Mahjong. Something about the Chinese characters and symbols and calm music creates an atmosphere for serenity and focus. Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past is a great choice for a fun night in as it adds an exciting twist to the already popular match game.

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The aim of the game is not just to match tiles on a board but to find ten missing pieces of a magical medallion, stop a giant meteor from hitting earth and becoming the hero that saves the world from destruction. How do you do it? You meet Andy Brown, a scientist, who owns a time machine giving you the ability to travel back in time searching for the missing pieces of the medallion.


Download and Play Mahjong Mysteries of the Past for FREE!


In this Puzzle game you will travel through five historic periods with over sixty Mahjong levels. Unlike other match games, you don’t have to clear the board of tiles to pass a level. Instead, you must find two gold tiles to level up. You are on a time limit which we feel is more than generous to locate the gold tiles and move on to the next level. During your travels you will also meet various characters and you need to negotiate with them to retrieve pieces of the medallion.

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What we loved about Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past is the way the design of the tiles represents which period you are in. So as you travel from Ancient Egypt to China, Ancient Rome and Medieval England, you’ll enjoy beautiful tile sets that represent the civilization you’re visiting paired with rich backgrounds.

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An advantage of the game is that you can cancel your last move if you feel you have found an easier route and when you can’t see any matches you can use the hints tab, though bear in mind this will cost you points, so you need to clear more levels to keep your hints high. We did find that it wasn’t really necessary to use the hints tab unless you start to become a little antsy.

Download and Play Mahjong Mysteries of the Past for FREE!


You begin the game in Story Mode and after clearing a few levels you unlock two other modes, Classic and Endless. The Classic mode in this Puzzle/Match 3 game is where you can select a number of board designs and a choice of backdrops. The Endless game mode is once the board is clear it automatically chooses another board layout and backdrop so you can just keep playing.


What’s different in this version of Mahjong is that there are red, blue and grey tiles which can be matched even though their symbols are different. There is also a series of special tiles like missiles that wipe out rows of tiles and clocks that can slow down the timer. Another fun part of the game is that after every six levels, there is a mini game where you need to match two or more symbols on a grid.


If you are looking for a way to escape from the real world for just a few hours, Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past is a great, relaxing choice. So draw a warm bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of Red and enjoy a night of “Me Time” while playing this fantastic classic game with special cultural twist.



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    • There hasn`t been a game that I have not enjoyed playing and Mahjong is one of my favorites. The mysteries are ones that really hold my attention. Hats off to the one who sets them up!

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    • Mahjong games are the most relaxing games. I love mahjong!

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