Oddly Enough Pied Piper

Oddly Enough Pied Piper

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The legend of the Pied Piper has a twist you never saw coming!

Oddly Enough: Pied Piper offers everything you want from an online game; adventure, hidden objects and a twist on a classic fairy tale story. If you ever read the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin when you were a kid than this epic hidden object game was made for you to reminisce through and spend hours enjoying.

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If you never read the story as a child, here’s a brief plot breakdown which simultaneously explains the plot of the game; the story begins with the village of Hamelin being overrun by rats and in desperate need of someone to take care of the problem. Thus, the flute-playing Pied Piper is hired for the job. He agrees to sort out the rat problem for 10 pieces of gold but when it’s time for payment the plot thickens and things get dodgy in the town of Hamelin. We won’t give too much of the plot away but it’s up to you to get out your magnified glass and save the day.

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Your role comes in when something goes horribly wrong and a debt collector, i.e you, is hired to find the Pied Piper and restore justice to the chorus. Rummage through villagers homes, businesses and pockets for hidden objects and find those 10 pieces of gold and pay the villager’s debt to the Piper before things take a scary turn. Explore the fun and exciting village of Hamelin and jump right into the picturesque pages of a familiar fairy tale and embrace a world of wonder, adventure and searching in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper.

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Objectives and tasks are simply laid out and recorded in your handy journal so you’ll never lose track of where you are or what’s next. Jump from one old-timey location to the next, as you explore places like the local bakery, alchemist’s shop and the fortune teller’s hangout, all in search for some sneaky hidden objects. The items you’re looking for are shown by silhouettes instead of the usual list, creating a more challenging but accurate search.

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But this isn’t just your usual hidden object game; it’s packed with adventure as you explore the town and use your clues to move on to the next location. It’s full of puzzles and mini-games to keep you busy for hours and lets you spend some time away from searching.

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Oddly Enough: Pied Piper is a game that was clearly made with love and with great graphics and an interestingly told rendition of a classic story; it’s tons of feel-good fun. Meet fascinating characters and rack your brain to get past the adventure stages as you explore the quaint town of Hamelin made up of beautiful artwork and bright colours to please your eyes and your sense of fun. They’ve even thrown in a few laughs to add to the enjoyment.

Take a break from the real world and get lost in this fairy tale delight!



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    • love all your games

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    • I love all the games you present to us especially Hidden Objects

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    • Love to play hidden object games and this is one of the best you have to offer. Loved playing it!

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    • love the games,please get more hidden object games.

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    • This looks like a fun game. I’d love to play it. Where do I go to download it? It’s kind of hard to comment on a game I haven’t played.

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    • Really enjoyed this game, love the colorful scenes and graphics. Would love more new hidden object games like this one. PLEASE!!!!

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