Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

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Great Pharaoh Touti and his friends are back for an epic adventure!

Put your game face on and head to Egypt on this time management adventure of epic proportions!  In The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising, it’s your job to bring hope to Egypt and challenge yourself with daunting tasks to help the people of Egypt and rebuild their villages.

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

You play as the assistant to the Royal architect Senmut, who has appointed you the most important construction task in ancient Egypt. Get hooked from the very beginning and spend hours becoming an architectural legend in ancient Egypt. Complete goals within the time limit and aim for the ultimate achievement; the famous gold prize! This can be achieved by completing all the building within the time limit.

Enjoy the excitement as you get to build your very own Egyptian city! With awesome upgrades and fantastic gameplay, the Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising is a favorite among all time management game lovers, and even those gamers who are looking for a great game, no matter what genre. Get an interesting history lesson on ancient Egypt while you’re at it and interact with native wildlife, including elephants, camels and crocodiles.

You’ll never be wrong in Pyramid Rising as you get to choose how to complete each level, and there are an endless number of ways. Replay value is as high as ever, as replaying this one is even more fun the second, third and fourth time. It’s fast-paced from the very beginning and the great graphics add so much value to the overall game. This isn’t just your ordinary time management game! It might just be the very best one you’ll ever play.

Be prepared to laugh, break a sweat and above all, be incredibly entertained! Construct pyramids, palaces and become a part of ancient Egypt’s history. So grab your tools and your sense for adventure and we’ll meet you in the desert heat in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising.

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