Jewel Legends – Tree of Life

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The world of the Hods, the magical residents of the forest, is at risk; their precious Tree of Life is dying. Their homes, which once were indwelling in harmony in the mystical and precious tree of life have been destroyed. Rebuild the Hods’ world and restore their homes before it’s too late.


This game has amazingly refined controls and colorful graphics. Just as any other match-3 game, your mission is to make matches of 3 or more symbols and clear the board. Additional elements are added to the game, such as tiles that are locked in place until a match is made directly next to them, and items that can be used to destroy certain tiles or add more time to your clock. These items add an element of strategy to gameplay. Each level has three types of resource you must collect and fill in vials. Match groups of four or more, and you’ll attain a multiplied resource depending on how large the group is, which is great for increasing your stock of a certain resource.


As you complete each level, you earn a piece of stone that can be used to help build one of ten structures within the tree of life. Each structure, will gradually restore the tree, so you’ll need to complete all 100 levels and restore all 10 of these structures to accomplish your goal.



Tip: Match as many coins as possible to earn enough to get power-ups. You can use the power-ups to buy extra time in a level or the ability to destroy a single symbol that’s giving you trouble.

The graphics in Jewel Legends: Tree of Life are quite vibrant, and the random variety of symbol types and power-ups on each level keep it fresh. You’ll truly enjoy this unique game that stands out from the crowd of other match-3 games


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