Living Legends: Ice Rose

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Your beloved Edward has been missing for some time after wandering off to Rosemont, a town that was buried in a blizzard that left the residents who didn’t escape in a “sleep state”.
Before he leaves, he gives you an envelope with a note: “I know this sounds strange, but I think it will protect you.” It’s a mirror shard. How and from what will a piece of mirror shield you?


The snow-covered village of Rosemount infuses an amazing magical atmosphere.The game is impressive looking and well-constructed. As you play, you will enjoy the beautifully done graphics, music, and game play. Tons of skill and effort went into creating this game, and the total number of sparkling environments, detailed views and hidden object scenes will likely be enough to win many gamers over.


Through the careful alternation of hidden object scenes, puzzles and tracking down items,the game maintains a subtle, yet always forward motion unlike other games which are slowed by confusing objectives or poorly-designed puzzles.

Since you will be playing the collector’s edition, you get an extra game. There, you will finally find out who the robed man is and how to defeat him.


Tip: At the grave scene you must recover 3 numbers to complete the dates on the gravestones. The numbers are associated with the corresponding symbols and will allow you to solve the puzzle inside the crowns chest.


All told, it’s a skillfully made hidden object adventure, one that will no doubt provide hours of fun to everyone but mostly to the enthusiastic hidden object gamers.

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