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The Path of Hercules

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Ancient Greece prospered under the patronage of the mighty gods of Olympus, but, over the years,
the people of Greece forgot to give the deities their due and thank them for the abundance and happiness they lived in.

The angry gods abandon the people and it’s up to you to appease the gods. Your challenge is to regain the favor of the Pantheon by following the tales of Hercules’ heroism, finding ancient artifacts and restoring them to Mt. Olympus and the gods.



Travel across the Peloponnese and visit the sites where Hercules performed his mighty tasks. In this game you have to solve match-3 boards and work through mini hidden object scenes. Each match-3 have embedded pieces of treasure. When the pieces of treasure hit the bottom of the screen allows you to collect the artifact.


The game has amazing graphics, colors and artwork are beautiful, and the music is very soothing. The boards start out fairly easy but as they progress they get more challenging. You will need your power ups, so try not to use them too early in the game since they are giving you an additional opportunity to use strategy in your gameplay. When you make matches of four or more tiles, the Amulet of Hercules gradually fills up and then can be activated to blast away several random tiles, this nice feature starts new with each level. Between levels there are hidden object scenes where you first find pieces of an artifact and then you have to restore foundartifacts back into the scene in the correct place.

If you haven’t gone a round with this epic match -3 game yet, then you MUST make it your next FreeRide Game.


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