Weather Lord – In Pursuit of the Shaman

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In Weather Lord – In Pursuit of the Shaman, the country has been destroyed by a devastating earthquake. Find the cause of the earthquake and rebuild the towns you come across the way.

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In this time management game you need to use elements of the weather to aid you on your quest. You will need to harvest pumpkins for food, chop trees for wood to construct buildings, clear paths, repair bridges, and hire workers and warriors to defeat the enemy. The rain and sun are used for the specific purpose of regrowth. You must harvest the power of the sun and wind to activate the towers and destroy your enemies. There are 25 different achievements or awards to earn and there are 9 buildings to construct, such as wagons, forges, sun towers, houses, gems, sawmills, wind towers, thunder towers, and mills.


Game tip: Build worker homes before building mills and other buildings. The more workers you have mean you get the job done faster.

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The story is very addictive, the gameplay follows the classic line of the Weather Lord games but is a bit more difficult.  In addition, the graphics have been beautifully upgraded. If you’re a fan of time management games, you should definitely give Weather Lord – In Pursuit of the Shaman a try.

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